the success of large music festivals like rock in rio depends on the support of their fans, and we recognize the importance of showing our appreciation for them. because of that, the festival offers vip tickets to their most dedicated enthusiasts, and our goal is to encourage them to choose this option for an enhanced experience. however, rock in rio also wants to ensure that the event is environmentally responsible and produces minimal waste. to this end, we have developed a sustainable and multifunctional product for vip ticket box. ​​​​​​​
our solution is a vip ticket box that transforms into a smartphone sound amplifier once the tickets are removed. the box's interior structure is designed to enhance the resonance of the phone's speaker without requiring any cables or batteries. not only is this a unique and exclusive piece of festival merchandise, but it also has a second life as a functional product that reduces waste
to ensure low production costs, we chose to use paperboard and created a two-piece pattern that does not require any glue. one part of the pattern is the box's exterior, while the other is the amplifier, which can be created through origami. if desired, the interior structure can be removed to use the box for storage. we used themed illustrative prints and finishes to give the box a high-end effect. 
for our 6-ticket vip box, we wanted to provide customers with the option to choose the design of their amplifier based on their favorite artist from the festival lineup. this personalization makes the item more valuable and sentimental to the user, increasing the likelihood that they will keep it and use it beyond the festival. 
overall, our multifunctional and sustainable vip ticket box demonstrates the commitment to rock in rio fans and the environment.​​​​​​​
created by beatriz ruette, diana rit, lucca cunha and matheus martins
*unfortunately, this project fell through because of covid-19

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