domestika is a creative community where the best creative experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses. It offers high-quality courses for anyone interested in unleashing their creativity and connecting with like-minded people worldwide. domestika carefully selects teachers and produces all courses in-house.
over the past few years, I've worked as a graphic designer for domestika. my primary responsibilities are concentrated on course content materials, including: art direction for photoshoots, post-production work, social media content, a/b testing, and creating specific campaigns related to our "top" teachers.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
for post-production, my main challenge is to maintain domestika's high-quality standards while ensuring that our identity remains consistent throughout the graphic material. additionally, i have to make sure that the course content is immediately clear to the user with just a quick glance.
1. Ronaldo Fraga | 2. Klarens Malluta | 3. Liz Seabrook | 4. MA. Studio | 5.Linus Zoll | 6. Jim Spendlove
art direction: 
for domestika's photoshoots, my primary responsibility is to ensure that each course's visual representation is a true reflection of its content while also remaining consistent with domestika's branding guidelines. this involves developing creative concepts, providing guidance and advice to a team of photographers, and overseeing post-production work. by collaborating closely with the creative team, we are able to reduce the post-production time by half, resulting in a faster, more efficient process that produces even better content.

1. Ochre Handmade | 2. Violetta Kurilenko | 3. Georgina Taylor | 4. Sofie Sund | 5. Puño | 6. Pavel A Fomenk

a/b testings: 
as part of the creative services team, we often use a/b testing to experiment with new layouts and concepts for both our social media and website. below, you can see some of the facebook layouts we tested over the past years:

1. Aleksandra Kingo | 2. Twee Muizen | 3. Thalia de jong | 4. Ochre Handmade

"top launches" campaigns:
as the designer responsible for domestika's "top launches", which included courses featuring famous or renowned teachers, i collaborated closely with a team of filmmakers and producers to develop innovative campaigns that effectively promoted the content. with a high degree of creative freedom, we were able to generate truly captivating and original ideas that engaged learners and helped to build buzz around these highly-anticipated launches.
1. David Aylon

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