mop is a portuguese company focused on outdoor advertising. to introduce their new led panels, the company invited several portuguese universities to participate in a contest. the task was to create a 10-second looping video with no further specifications. 
each university selected its best students to the competition, and this particular video was the winner of the contest and was displayed throughout the cities of lisbon and porto.
our proposal for the Mop contest is to showcase the visual potential of the panels and illustrate to the audience the vast possibilities behind each screen by exploring the fundamentals of depth and perspective. to accomplish this, we created a 3d video that features a room in the new mop panels. through an unlikely combination of classic and surreal elements, we recreated the stages of making the traditional "pastel de nata" in a playful assembly line. the video aims to capture the public's attention with its colors and captivating elements, making the panels impossible to ignore. rather than simply inviting the public to give a few seconds of their time, the video demands attention and serves as a visual representation of the brand's innovation and creativity.
​​​​​​​created and developed by beatriz ruette, diana rit, lucca cunha e matheus martins

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