founded in madrid in 2012, the agency has grown into a significant presence with over 400 employees. with offices in 15 countries and operations in 40 global markets, samy alliance has an extensive presence in diverse regions worldwide.
samy alliance is the owner of samyroad, share, capture intelligence, dlaundry, nobox, thyga, and kurio. each agency attends to specific needs and locations, ensuring the delivery of customized solutions that exceed expectations.
check out our video reel:
as a video specialist and motion grapher, i am responsible for creating a diverse range of videos, both for internal and external purposes, including: case studies; paid media; pitch presentations videos; and supporting our brand teams on advertisements for our clients.
talking about clients, sam​​​​​​​y alliance showcases a broad selection, such as:
below, you will find a video case of a campaign for one of our clients:

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